In addition to direct cash transfers, the COVID-19 response strategy will provide access to water and ensure handwashing facilities are available in the informal settlements of Kismayo as well as selected public places.

“Somalia is facing multiple and recurring shocks that have been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the decrease in remittances, job opportunities and the increasing cost of basic commodities, something has to be done to help the poor and vulnerable. This programme provides cash transfers for that purpose. We are happy to see our support helping people make ends meet, and are happy to work together with the UN, the Jubaland Administration and the local communities to contribute to sustainabledevelopment efforts in Kismayo,” said the Ambassador of Sweden to Somalia, Staffan Tillander.

The communities in the west of Kismayo city were excluded from the 2019-2020 -relief support as focus shifted to communities in the riverine areas along the Juba River due to persistent flooding that caused displacement.

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