My husband also saw it, and even burst into laughter. He knocked on the glass, but I wouldn’t roll it down. My husband asked who he was; I was lying about his identity when he called out my name. My husband read his lips, so he heard him.

The vehicles ahead of us – started moving. We drove along slowly, but this guy wouldn’t stop following us. He walked or run by my husband’s car, depending on the pace. My husband even switched lanes, just to frustrate him, but he kept jogging and trailing our car, till we eventually got the opportunity to speed off.

I don’t know what could have led to his present state of mental illness, but I know he never returned to school – the following semester, after our breakup.

I couldn’t tell my husband about him. The thing is, I accidentally met him again, in traffic, last year, September, 15, and I stopped by his side, to talk. He could carry on a meaningful conversation. He was speaking impeccable English. I bought him yoghurt, water and food, and paid a Waakye seller, to feed him lunch and dinner, that day. I asked him to wait for me the following day, at the same place/time, and he did.

I brought him some of my husband’s used clothes, and also, cooked for him. I found out where he laid his head at night, and got food vendors, to feed him every afternoon and evening, for Four (4) months. I paid for all that.

I found out from friends who remembered him, that he stopped schooling, and kind of, checked out because he couldn’t deal with our breakup. I left him for a ‘Sugar Daddy’. That was in 1999, at the University.

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