The Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana Football Association have placed a one-year ban on Fabulous Ladies player Rabi Musah for assaulting a referee.

The Women’s Premier League player was charged by the prosecutor for the GFA after she assaulted referee Faizatu Japka during a game against Kumasi Sports Academy.

Rabi Musah on 27th of February 2021, during the match which was played at the Ejisu Okese Park verbally and physically abused referee Faizatu Japka, an act which was deemed to have breached the laws of the game and regulations of the association.

In accordance with Article 12(4) of the GFA Disciplinary Code 2019, Rabi Musah is banned from taking part in all football related activity with immediate effect from April 13, 2021 to April 12, 2022.

The Committee has also handed her a fine of Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc5,000.00).

Three Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc3,000.00) of which is suspended due to the player’s plea for leniency leaving a fine of Two Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc2,000.00) to be paid.

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