“Agents of the power distributors, including subcontractors and service providers who distribute meters among others, actively facilitate and advise consumers on illegal connections and meter tampering for their private gains,” he said.

The study identified 3,667 illegally connected Self-Help Electrification Program (SHEP) meters from selected urban and suburban residential areas of which 70% of the meters had non-functioning LCD displays hence consumption data could not be accessed.

The remaining ones, ACEP noted, showed very high consumption with some as high as 28,320kWh.

Yaotse stated that the study established a disturbing phenomenon he referred to as, “abortion electricity meters.”

“Abortion meters are meters that are deliberately damaged through the application of concentrated heat on the digital displays or meters that have their digital components which allows communication with the power distributors removed, all in a bid to erase and prevent electricity consumed from being recorded, especially when it is very high,” he said.

He explained that power distribution agents, including subcontractors and service providers, actively connived and advised illegal electricity consumers on illegal connections and metre tampering for their private gain.

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