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Dr Sonnie Badu has launched a customized ‘Lion over Frogs’ t-shirt amid massive trolls over his 4 degrees earned in 4 months. A shirt costs $100, cedis equivalence is GH? 577.00.

In a post by the UK based Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Pastor and author, the branded t-shirt are on the market with only 100 pieces available. (100 limited edition t-shirts).

According to the author of ‘The Decoded Mystery of Worship’, the revenue that will be generated from the sales of this shirt will be donated to a friend of his (Kwame Atta Tenadu) who’s been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

40-year-old Kwame Atta Tenadu has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for the past 9 years.

Graduating from Cape Coast Polytechnic and GIMPA, Kwame went on to pursue BSc in Construction Management at KNUST.

During his studies at KNUST, Kwame was afflicted with mild Multiple Sclerosis which shortly became severe as time progressed.

Sharing the artwork of the branded t-shirt on social media, Sonnie Badu wrote; 

“If you love me, then please help me save my friend… Please head to my website www.SonnieBadu.com and order your t-shirt .. The price is $100 USD. And all proceeds will go to my friend and his family. I am only printing 100 limited edition t-shirts. I trust you you will help me do this”.

Sonnie Badu Post
Sonnie Badu Post

Dr Sonnie Baduu has for the past few weeks been leading on the trending tab on social media following his claims to have acquired 3 degrees within four months.

The degrees he claims to have been awarded are; Bachelor’s degree in Ministry, a Master’s in Christian leadership and a PhD (Doctorate) in Musicology.

Sonnie was met with scepticism after he exhibited his received degrees in a post on social media, a topic everyone has shared a thought on.

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However, in the twist of events, his university (Trinity International University Ambassadors (TIUA), the University that is reported to have awarded him the degrees) released a press statement confirming his degrees.

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