He said while it is true that the school sponsored his education outside the country, and he was bound to return to serve in the school after his course, he did not bolt as the report claims.

He said he was in touch with the school to duly pay back the amount in instalments.

He added he has paid over GH₵ 223,000 of the amount so far.

Read his full Rejoinder below;

I write to refute the media publication to the effect that I “bolted” and failed to pay or to take steps to pay Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration’s (GIMPA) after being on study leave with pay to study for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Law outside Ghana. The publication, which appeared on the website of Pulse on 30 March 2021, is false and without merit. The core message of the publication is that certain Ghanaian university lecturers received public funding to undertake PhD research outside Ghana and upon completion of their studies they never returned to their posts and never paid back the money. I am the only person specifically named among the staff of GIMPA to have gone on study leave with pay and that I did complete the said programme but never returned to post and never paid back the money.

It is true that I was on study leave with pay to undertake research leading to a PhD in Law in New Zealand and that I have not returned to my post since completion of the PhD. However, at the material times since completion, I have been in touch with GIMPA. The terms of the contract for study leave with pay required me to return to GIMPA upon completion or to pay the amount spent on me if I did not return to post. As my return to post delayed, I wrote to GIMPA about the option of repayment. I have since paid Gh₵223,260.41, leaving a balance of Gh₵104,539.83 which I have been saving to pay in due course. My dealings with GIMPA all this while has been one of reciprocal candour, honesty and good faith. The claim then that public money was spent on me to study and I failed to repay is completely false because it cannot be supported by the record of my interactions and dealings with GIMPA.

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