I really wish heaven had visiting hours… Since the day u got ur wings, I have never been the same. I was never ready for u to leave..our last goodbye was never said.

I wish I had a magic wand to bring back time and spend one last hour with u to hug u and to thank u for everything….to say my proper goodbyes. If only I had done all that before u left, maybe the pain would be less unbearable.

You taught me to love; to really love. You taught me to love without conditions and to forgive no matter how hard it was. You showed me what it was to be selfless and to devote your life to taking care of others. You taught me more than u will ever know.

I am so grateful for u Gran. I love u so much more than I ever could have told u. I want to scream it now. I want to scream to the top of my lungs so u can hear me. I want to hug u and hold your hand just one more time, if only for a moment.

I don’t know anyone so selfless and so caring. I can’t even put to words the amount of love u poured into each of us. You were so full of strength and dignity and your love for others overflowed. I wish I could be a fraction of the woman u were Gran. I wish I could be as selfless and caring as u.

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