According to him, ECG needs more funds to function properly and effectively.

The Managing Director of the company opined he is aware that the proposal will only materialize after approval from the Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC).

“We need money to do it [improve]. If we get the increase we will love it [but] that will be up to the PURC because, no matter what we propose, they will ultimately decide.

“In terms of distribution, we need support, because we have to do upgrades to make sure the system is sustainable. We don’t wait till something is broken before we fix it. We need additional funds to upgrade our systems at all times,” he added.

Currently, lifeline consumers who are classified as poor and low-income earners pay GH¢16 for the power consumed and an extra GH¢2.13 as service charge, making it a total of about GH¢18.

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